One Child At a Time


Susan Haberman's Educational Consulting and Advocacy Practice provides general and special education services to families of children who are struggling in school and not receiving appropriate services.

Susan has experience working with a wide range of challenges that impact learning, including Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Mental and Behavioral Health Disorders, Developmental Delays, and other health and neurological impairments.

As an experienced Advocate, Special Educator, Diagnostician and Consultant, Susan understands abilities and disabilities, as well as our educational system. Having a thorough working knowledge of Massachusetts and United States regulations, Susan will help demystify the educational process.

Susan ensures that students receive the services they need in order to make progress, and to which they are entitled under both state and federal laws.


When Working With Susan You Can Expect...


Susan understands the frustration and sadness that can go with seeing your child struggle or not getting their needs met. Susan will take time to listen, get to know you and your child, and answer your questions. Susan will support you at school meetings and be your ears and voice as needed.


Susan believes in a team approach with parents, students and the school staff. We work together to develop a plan that best meets your child's needs.


Susan HabermanSusan is an experienced educator who understands how children learn and what programs can best meet their needs. Susan is also well versed in special education case law and is able to interpret and apply it to individual students. Susan will guide you in navigating a complex system of legalities and educational jargon so that you understand your rights. Susan will help you obtain the services your child needs, and to which they are entitled.